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P.R.A Moxon: Gundogs Training and Field Trials 18. painos

P.R.A Moxon: Gundogs Training and Field Trials 18. painos

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Englantilaiset spesialistin kirjoittama kirja, joka käsittelee kaikkia näkökulmia lintukoirista. Tämä on jo klassikoksi muodostuneen kirjan 18 painos. Kirjoitettu noviisiohjaajalle ja käsittelee kaikkia pennun hankinnasta aina field trialeihin osallistumiseen. Lähestymiskulma on käytännöllinen ja kirja on helposti luettavissa.

Arvosteluja (englanniksi): 

‘We do not hesitate to say that this is the best of its kind we have ever read.’ Shooting Times (on the 17th Edition)

'This latest edition includes all the original material such as advice on selecting puppies, first lessons and training to gunfire, but also has fully updated appendices which cover the latest Kennel Club field trial "J" Regulations as of January this year... A welcome new edition of a popular classic'. Shooting Times (on the 18th Edition)

"The fact that this is the 18th edition of a book first published in 1952 says it all. It tells you everything you need to know about acquiring, training and handling a gundog. Plus updated appendices to cover Kennel Club Field Trial J Regulations". Fieldsports

"After being badly advised when training my first spaniel (it ended up completely wild and virtually useless) I decided to find out how to do it properly. Which is how I came to buy the 14th edition of Peter Moxon's book 'Gundogs - Training and Field Trials' reprinted in 1982. Although this book was first written in 1952 I found it to be a complete revelation on how to train a gundog. I bought another pup and, by following Peter's advice to the letter, I ended up with a very competently trained spaniel! You could say that this was what started me on my way to a career in gundog training. It might be in its 18th edition but this book is still as relevant to gundog training today as it was when first written. Thanks to good colour photographs it is far more appealing to the eye than my original copy - but the techniques and tips on training continue to be of great value to the experienced or novice trainer alike". Tony Price, Sporting Gun


koko 246 x 189 mm , 160 sivua

16 sivua värikuvia

ISBN: 9781846890901

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